We prefer not to ask for Donation because we believe in working hard to earn it. So, we took the effort to make something to sell so that we can raise funding for our two projects.




The bracelet serves as a social signal identifying with our projects, specifically the microbial technology development and the building of a new framework (not platform) designed to support Small Business owners in an unprecedented way, you can visit our forum and look up the thread Small Business CO-OP Framework for more information. 

(These are ready to ship and we have only a limited number at the moment)

There is much going into the making of this Photobook. For the least, it has taken more than two years in preparation. Adelaide is a beautiful city that is very easy to fall in love with. It may not have the monumental sky scrappers or busy streets like in many big cities. But the simple lifestyle and the friendly and slow-paced atmosphere are what make this one of the most livable places in the world!! It is also a place where many small businesses still exist, but it will not be long if we do nothing to stop the agenda of the globalists.

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