Is Plastic Recycling Economically Viable?

If Plastic Recycling is economical, the Developed World would not be dragging its feet to go 100% with Plastic Recycling. One major reason is the relatively low cost of Petroleum.

In Europe, there are roughly 30% of Plastic Recycled along with 9% in the USA and virtually 0% in the Developed World. (Source: The relatively low rate of recycling may suggest poor profitability, in that, an economic sweet-spot has been reached, and proceeding further would have a diminishing return. e.g. Some vendors are willing to pay more to include a small percentage of recycled plastic in their products and still keep their products affordable.

So what is the solution?
We believe the better solution is to convert Plastic Wastes into biodegradable form of carbon, the type of carbon that can be used in Agriculture and also Nutraceutical products. This opens up the doors to more new innovative markets which the Western Developed Nations desperately need. THEREFORE, channeling away Carbon from the Plastic Stream.

For ease of explanation, this is the most basic concept we are proposing:

Did you know that?

Most of the world plastic is NOT recycled?

Much of the Plastic Waste in the Developed Countries is NOT RECYCLED but Shipped to Developing Countries where they are mismanaged and ended up in


Much of thE Plastic Waste EVENTUALLY
finds its way into the ocean.


Microplastics is in the Food Chain





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