One biggest mistakes many renewable fuel players make is making a product that is for a highly exclusive and limited buyers. Specifically, only for the Oil & Gas (OG) Refineries  

Most Types Biocrude Oil produced have lower heating value than natural crude oil and often high in all sorts of contaminants, some upgrades would be necessary to make them appealing to the OG Refineries, which unfortunately, ruins the economical competitiveness against natural crude oil. With Natural Crude Oil prices fluctuating frequently, there is just no guarantee for the economics to work properly.

The solution to this is to 

What we would do

Instead of turning plastics into 

the reason is to rid ourselves from being susceptible to the ever fluctuating oil prices.

This is part of why

The strategy we plan to employ is to avoid the Achilles heel of many renewable fuel projects-- that is to avoid making renewable fuel or petrochemicals, it does not matter how attractive the idea may appear. These are how many projects fail and many more will continue to fail.

We have learned things the hard way in our first projects to convert biomass and sewage sludge mixture into bio-crude oil. We realize we had a product that had highly specific buyers, namely the refineries from the Oil & Gas Industry (OG Industry). 

The lack of support from the OG Industry can entirely cripple any renewable fuel projects, causing them to stagnate at the stage of Pilot Plant Demonstration, and never going into real commercialization. Many of them eventually go out of business.

Why hasn't the OG Industry helped out renewable fuel projects is quite perplexing to me, it is perhaps a case of misidentification of who the true competitors are. Small renewable fuel players are never truly the competitors to the OG Industry, in fact, players like electric cars and other Green Tech Energies like Solar and Wind Power are more likely the threats.


On the other hand, Biofuel projects are actually the OG Industry best friends because they are the ones that keep the Carbon recirculated and minimizing the environmental impact of carbon emission from fossil fuel industries. 

This is where we will differ from many of our fellow renewable fuel players.

First of all, we will set up a consortia of technologies, and without being a competitor to the OG Industry, we will create end products, and invite many other entrepreneurs to make good use of the simple building blocks we have to make useful products. On our end, our plan is to make hydroponic equipments.

Two other

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